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Tips from Arizona Wholesale Floors

1. Carpet Wear Warranty: Over the past few years carpet WEAR WARRANTIES have really changed. Nylon was leading the way for more then 40 years but now with the invention of Recycled Plastic Bottles into carpet and the use of PTT or Corn Glucose, Many new choices have been available to us.

With regular cleaning and vacuuming, according to DuPont and its Carpet manufacturing companies such as Mohawk Industries, carpet could last as long as 20 years. And to prove that, they have tested their products wear, stain, soil resistance and other distinguishing characteristics by doing outrageous events such as having Rhinos, Elephants and another Zoo animals live on the new Mohawk Carpets.

Technology has allowed for the Nylon yarn to compete with these new and up and coming yarns making it a tight race and everyone wins especially you. The carpets wear warranty is decided through testing. Much like all of the Ten points listed here in this article, the wear warranty is developed in a lab as the carpet undergoes rigorous testing. Simulation of foot traffic, cleaning and other common uses reveal most of the points listed here.
2. Texture Retention Warranty: Foot traffic, how long will carpet retain its texture? Foot traffic wears down the carpet leaving worn traffic patters. Not the most appealing aspect of carpet. The longer the carpet lasts before the foot traffic shows determine part of its quality.

The Texture retention warranty is determined through laboratory testing designed to simulate foot traffic by rolling an octagon shaped roller over the face of the carpet. As this happens the carpet begins to wear down simulating foot traffic over time. It is an accurate test used by most or all manufacturers to determine foot traffic wear and texture retention warranties.

The texture retention warranty can and will change depending on the quality of the pad installed to support it under foot. Pad is important because it alone determines how much the carpet will give underfoot. That directly contributes to the life of the carpet. A firm pad will cause less stretching of the carpet and contribute to less bubbles and a tight feel. Finding the best pad for you will depend on your comfort level and need for moisture resistance such as pet urine or juice spilled from the little ones.

3. Stain Resistance: What is it actually resisting? How long will it resist those stains? Speaking of little ones… Babies love juice, milk and whatever else they can get their hands on usually. Also dogs love the same. This is no secret and neither should be what the carpet is warranted against. Some carpets can resist urine and food even bleach such as Mohawk SmartStrand. Others will not. Make sure the warranties meet the needs of your family and life style, and get it in writing.

4. Soil Resistance: Will resist dry soil? For how long? This is soil brought in by your shoes and pets…This is usually tough stuff to fight against. House holds who choose not to wear shoes in the home don’t deal with this problem nearly as mush as the house holds that do wear shoes in the home. Soil finds it way into the actual strand of yarn. Not under them but actually embedded in them like grains of sand in a straw. A good cleaning company can usually loosen this soil up and get it out however there will come a time when this carpets yarn has been embedded to the point of new return. Vacuuming routinely will help this but starting off with a superior carpet yarn is the real trick.

The last five are equally as important but much simpler to address

5. Fade resistance: Sun light coming in through your windows does much more than we can see. Protect your rich color with a quality product. Imagine the area in front of your windows turning a lighter color over time. The suns U.V. rays washing out the beautiful rich color of your carpet. Don’t make the mistake of spending your hard earned money a carpet with the 20 year wear warranty if it loses its color after 5 years. The wear warranty won’t matter.

6. Anti-Static: Ever been shocked by your carpet? Yes, we hate it too! Going back to better yarns is the best way to avoid this. Some carpets have Anti static warranties and this is great for those of us who deal with PACE MAKERS or other health issues where electrical shock may be an issue.

7. The Backing: Make sure your backing is as good as the yarn the carpet was made with or you will limit longevity. Better carpet come with better backing. Some should include free repair and re-stretching if the carpet does buckle up. Omni back is a great product found on some of the Mohawk line and it comes with a 10 year buckle free warranty. In reality, 10 years is a long time to go with no wrinkle especially because having your carpets cleaned can
cause it to loosen up and wrinkle.

8. Manufacturing Defects: Some defects are not found at the time of installation. Make sure if you do ever find one, that the warranty will cover it. It is rare to find any warranty that will cover the labor but it is nice to know that at the minimum the carpet will be taken care of.

9. FHA: The Fair Housing Act has implemented minimum standards for carpeting. Stick with them and you will get a better product guaranteed just don’t let your guard down. FHA products do not mean the greatest, they just mean that the products meet the minimum of standards.

10. Yarn Material Used: The best yarns yield the best products. Please review the Nylon Wear-Dated products and the Smart Strand products. There are many manufacturers out there claiming to have the best product. Now that you have some points to go on you will be able to choose for yourself.

The ultimate reality is the carpet is only going to be as great as the crew who installs it.

Best of luck to you on your carpeting purchasing.


Nathanael Lucas
Owner, Arizona Wholesale Floors